Miss A's First Day of School

Avery had her first day of Pre-K today! She has been very very nervous about it, saying she's not sure that she wants to go, but after a full morning I went to pick her up and saw a smiley, red faced (from recess) cute girl. So I'd say it was a success!

She told us about how she finger painted a rainbow, complete with clouds, was assigned the Paper Passer for her class "job" and sits in between the only 2 boys in the class, OH MY!! :) Luckily, she has a good friend that she knows from Little Gym in her class so she already had a friend going in. Plus half of the students are biracial or multi-cultural. Hooray for diversity!

I'll post more pictures once we get our big laptop back from the "Shop", but here's one I took with my phone this morning of Avery with her uniform on. Luckily I got her to wear her black shoes instead of her white and pink sneakers. She also made Colbie dress in her school colors, I guess it's official, Colbie's the GCA mascot.

Happy Father's Day Daddy

Happy Father's Day, Love your Girls

Dear Daddy,
We love you, you are the best daddy ever. I like it when I get to ride the lawnmower with you and go to Lowes too. You are the best block builder and make great zoos for my animals. Thank you for loving me, being silly with me, and helping me to be brave.

I love you,

Dear Dada,
You are so silly! Thank you for feeding me snacks. I love to lay my head on your shoulder and give you kisses. I like waving bye-bye and blowing kisses to you when you go to work. You are my favorite daddy.

I love you,

A Dollie for Me

The girls received these oh-so-cute dolls from Nana for their dedication on September 29, 2010. They're made by my friend Kiley here at: Hidden in My Heart's Etsy site and the girls fell in love with them.

And the Dollies are making friends all around the Bullock house.

Avery's How To's - How to Rock a Mohawk

As you all know Miss A has a number of different hairstyles, this new one was a request:

Step 1: Pull all the hair back while strumming your air guitar

Step 2. Turn to the side and shake it all around!

Step 3. And rock on like a rock star!

**This has been a message from Avery's How-Tos and is sponsored by Avery**

November Pics

Just thought I'd post some of our favorite pictures from November, check out our beautiful girls.

Avery got to wear her Halloween Costume to Little Gym class!

Loving the milk dribble!

Silly girls!

Return to NOVA

Joel's new job asked him to go to McLean, Virginia to do some training, so we felt like it would be a great opportunity to go back and visit Northern VA (NOVA), especially since we hadn't been back since we last moved down, right after Avery was born. So that was over 3 years ago, that's a long time!!

While we were there we stayed at Windsor where I used to work and got to see all of the changes at Shirlington. It was surreal for me because I remembered visiting all of the shops and restaurants when I was pregnant with Avery and here I was visiting now with 2 children, those are pretty big changes.

We also got to see some amazing people, a few of my previous residents who I adored and our favorite Grillo girls, some of my old coworkers at HCMW and Windsor, and one of Joel's groomsmen, Mike.

Aside from rushing to leave shortly after Trick-or-Treating, the trip was amazing!! It made me miss living there, but only for a minute, then we were stuck in the usual traffic and I remembered there's no way I would have been able to be a stay-at-home mom if we were still up there.

But here are a few of our favorite pics from the trip! Enjoy!!!


This year Avery went Trick-or-Treating with Daddy since Colbie's bedtime was much earlier than Trick-or-Treating. She had a blast with Daddy and Colbie got her rest. Check out our cute Snow White and her stash too!

What a beautiful Snow White we have!

Roly Poly Girl

Check out this adorable baby, she's on a roll!!

Doesn't she look cute in blue???

Pumpkins Times Four

We went to our favorite pumpkin patch this year: Carrigan Farms It has been our family tradition for the past 3 years and we were not disappointed. This was our first year bringing Colbie (outside the womb!!) and although it was a tad chilly we had a blast, check out our pictures from the hayride, pumpkin picking and our favorites, the petting zoo!

Pumpkins picked!!

A great time had by all!

I Love My Hair

While watching Sesame Street with Avery we saw this video about a girl with very curly hair who has many different styles, just like Avery. It's called, "I Love My Hair." And we hope and encourage Miss A to love her hair because it's beautiful and so is she!

What do you think of the video?? What's your favorite hair style?

Just Like Mommy

I love Avery's curls, in fact I'd always dreamed about having daughters with curly hair and as you know, I definitely got my wish! For Avery's Halloween costume we wanted to make her hair temporarily straight, so I french braided her hair the night before, then took it out and combed it, which helped and made it a lot less curly for our straightening process.

Here's the hair we started with:

A little more progress, luckily Avery is great at holding still for me to do her hair.

A little sass from behind :)

And the finished product, a happy little girl that looks just like momma and perfect for Halloween, but we still love her curly hair!

Video Update

Just wanted to post a few videos of the girls, this first one is Avery playing on the iPod, she loves it and there are so many Apps (applications/games) that I have downloaded to help her spell, learn new words, and even mathematics!

Here Colbie is, laughing at Avery's dollie, she loved how the eyes opened and closed, can you tell how much she liked it??

Yummy Apple

Check out this delicious apple that I picked up, it's the sweetest apple I've even seen, and pretty plump too :)

My gorgeous little apple!

Look at those beautiful eyes!

The paci says it all

The end

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