Miss A's First Day of School

Avery had her first day of Pre-K today! She has been very very nervous about it, saying she's not sure that she wants to go, but after a full morning I went to pick her up and saw a smiley, red faced (from recess) cute girl. So I'd say it was a success!

She told us about how she finger painted a rainbow, complete with clouds, was assigned the Paper Passer for her class "job" and sits in between the only 2 boys in the class, OH MY!! :) Luckily, she has a good friend that she knows from Little Gym in her class so she already had a friend going in. Plus half of the students are biracial or multi-cultural. Hooray for diversity!

I'll post more pictures once we get our big laptop back from the "Shop", but here's one I took with my phone this morning of Avery with her uniform on. Luckily I got her to wear her black shoes instead of her white and pink sneakers. She also made Colbie dress in her school colors, I guess it's official, Colbie's the GCA mascot.


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